We have raving fans for customers. “The best damn water ever bottled“. We hear this over and over and it is because of…

…Canadian H2O To Go’s Superior Water Treatment Processing Equipment

Our 8 step processing system for our premium purified water, exceeds all Fraser Health Standards to bring you the highest quality, deliciously refreshing bottled water.

  •  Activated Carbon Filter with automatic backwash and purge control valve.
  • Pre-Filter for removal of particles. (5 micron)
  • Reverse Osmosis system removes 99% of organics.
  • This RO system is used in hospitals for dialysis and has obtained a medical device license from the medical field in both Canada and the United States.
  • Purified water is stored in tanks approved by the Canadian Food and Health Regulations Authority.
  • Ultra Violet light sterilization with a flow capacity of 12gpm is used at a slow rate of less than 6gpm for a very positive kill of all parasites and evasive enteric pathogens.
  • Ozone is injected by a pump to ensure further protection against Hetrotropic Plate Count (HTCP).
  • Before bottling the water, all pre-filled bottles are sterilized by a three step bottle washer licensed by the Canadian Food and Health Regulatory body.
Our “Premium Purified Water” is now bottled and ready to quench your thirst., so come on in and sample some of “the best damn water ever bottled.”

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Surrey, BC, V3S 1C7
Phone: 604-575-0426
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Email:  info@canadianh2otogo.com

CanadianH2OToGo.com - Surrey, BC (in Cloverdale)

Our “Premium Purified Water” is bottled and ready to quench your thirst, so come on into our Cloverdale, BC location and sample some of “the best damn water ever bottled.” - CanadianH2OToGo

​​​OPEN Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm (Saturdays until 5pm)

Phone: 604-575-0426 Email - info@canadianh2otogo.com

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Premium Purified Bottled Water