Mini Crocks hold 64 ounces of water and come in a variety of styles and colors, each has it's own matching cup.  Ideal for the small home or office.

Hand pumps are  a great addition to anyone's home or office. Put it in with your camping gear, have fresh water anytime without the need of a cooler.

These cup holders conveniently attach to the side of your water cooler for easy access.

Styles and colors may vary due to availability.  Not all  styles shown, please contact store directly for more options. Bottles covers in various styles also available. Replacement spigots and rings can also be purchased.

A porcelain crock is an excellent way to dispense water at a slightly chilled temperature. Whether your home or office is modern country or a sleek design we have crocks to fit everyone's taste and budget. 

All crocks are handmade, which makes each one slightly unique and are certified 100% lead free. 

They fit on any counter top or desk top and hold a 3 or 5 gallon water bottle. Don't have room on your counter or desk, try one of our decorative crock stands.

 Wooden floor stands and counter top stands available in light oak and dark oak finishes.

Metal stands are also available, black only. Items may not be exactly as shown.



64 ounce Water Bottle. Use it for your crock,  pet dish or as a travel bottle. It comes with a cap for travel use. BPA free.

7 oz plastic cups. 

These self watering pet dishes come in three sizes, 4 gallons, 2.5 gallons and 64 ounce. They are a convenient way to ensure your pet always has fresh water.

3 Tier Metal Bottle Stand

6 Tier Bottle Rack Stand

Made from durable 1 inch tubing, these stands can hold 3 to 6 bottles. 

12 & 24 Bottle Rack

These stands are made from all engineered metal construction with black power coated gables and zinc plated shelves.  Corrosion resistant shelving.

This metal cradle and spout combo hold a 5 gallon bottle at a slight angle to allow easy storage and pouring. Cradle and spout can be sold separately.

H2OK Cooler Cleaner is essential to keeping your cooler running at it's top performance.